Mobile Friendly Website

Title: Mobile Friendly Website. Why it’s Important

You’ve heard it before. You should have a mobile friendly website. But how can you tell if it is? And….

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Importance of Color in Branding

Title: Color is a Powerful Tool for Branding Your Business

  While it is understood that color is a powerful branding and advertising tool, what is less clear is exactly….

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Digital Audience Segmentation TotalCom

Title: Better Targeting with Digital Audience Segmentation

Digital ads aren’t like magazine or traditional television ads. Because digital ads come with a plethora of targeting options –….

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Digital Social Trends

Title: Digital Social Trends for Marketers 2017

It is important to be aware of these digital social trends so you can plan ahead, be prepared and remain….

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Superbowl advertising

Title: Super Bowl Ads: Keeping the Tradition in Traditional Marketing

CBS, one of the largest broadcasting services in America, gains millions of dollars in revenue from one event every year:….

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television ads can increase website traffic

Title: Television Ads Can Increase Website Traffic

Television ads can increase website traffic, prospects and sales. Combine Digital and Traditional Media for More Marketing Success As consumer,….

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Title: Gmail Sponsored Promotions: Email Inbox Advertising

  What is GSP? Gmail Sponsored Promotions is an advertising tool by Google. Through GSP, your business can target specific….

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TV Commercial Spot Inventory

Title: New Trend? TV Stations to Reduce Advertising Inventory

If you’re like most people, the last thing you do every night is lie around on the couch and watch….

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Title: Don’t Lose Customers! Take Control of Your Online Presence

  How do people find your business? Search engine, local paper, magazine ad? These days, most people are looking for….

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Title: Facebook Advertising: More Than Likes

Facebook is a popular platform that many businesses have found help drive serious traffic to their sites. However, there is….

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Title: Game Time: Develop an Integrated Media Strategy to Help You Score

  At TotalCom we know that a traditional marketing strategy can be both relevant and effective, especially during college football….

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Title: Creating Buyer Personas for Your Business

Once you have developed your digital and traditional marketing strategy, the next step to improving your brand is taking a….

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