television ads can increase website traffic

Television Ads Can Increase Website Traffic

Television ads can increase website traffic, prospects and sales. Combine Digital and Traditional Media for More Marketing Success As consumer, we will sit in our dens, watch our favorite telvision show, with a laptop, ipad or smartphone in our laps. When we see something we want to know more about – an actor, a product or service, it is so convenient to use this opportunity to find out more. As a marketer, to optimize success, consider a strategy including a combination of both digital and traditional media. Television Ads Are Still Relevant Even though digital advertising is the way of….

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Gmail Sponsored Promotions Notebook

Gmail Sponsored Promotions: Email Inbox Advertising

  What is GSP? Gmail Sponsored Promotions is an advertising tool by Google. Through GSP, your business can target specific users based on activity tracked through their Gmail accounts. Google anonymously selects users’ Gmail inboxes to crawl, then retrieves keywords from messages in the inboxes. If your company is bidding on a keyword found in a user’s mailbox, your ad is then eligible for GSP and thus being displayed in that user’s inbox. To take the most advantage of what GSP has to offer, your business can bid on the competition. Suddenly, you are eligible for the same inboxes as….

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television advertising

New Trend? TV Stations to Reduce Advertising Inventory

If you’re like most people, the last thing you do every night is lie around on the couch and watch television. Millions of people at any given time are watching television. For this reason, television advertising through traditional marketing channels  can be expensive. Even Less Opportunity? What if the amount of ad times available was even less? If there were even fewer TV commercials – could networks charge more? The value suddenly increases the more rare it is, does it not? In recent years, the company Viacom, which owns channels like Comedy Central and MTV, has seen significantly lower ratings. Expert….

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online presence strategy

Don’t Lose Customers! Take Control of Your Online Presence

    How do people find your business? Search engine, local paper, magazine ad? These days, most people are looking for solutions to their needs on their smartphones. Learn from the best. Check out these three companies that are successfully using online presence and acquiring new customers everyday. Home Depot. People are more likely to look up home help on their tablets or smartphones than a computer. Home Depot took note of this and responded quickly with online marketing! The home improvement store took to YouTube and uploaded a couple hundred do-it-yourself (DIY) videos. As these gained popularity, so did….

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Facebook advertising

Facebook Advertising: More Than Likes

Facebook is a popular platform that many businesses have found help drive serious traffic to their sites. However, there is much more to Facebook beyond pages, posts, and likes. Facebook also offers display advertising.   You too can take advantage of the benefits of Facebook to dramatically increase your reach through social media ads.   How to Approach Facebook Advertising The best way to approach Facebook advertising is with a focused marketing strategy.  Who do you want to reach? How often do you want your ads to be seen? How much are you willing to budget for digital advertising?  ….

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integrated media super bowl

Game Time: Develop an Integrated Media Strategy to Help You Score

  At TotalCom we know that a traditional marketing strategy can be both relevant and effective, especially during college football season. Learn more today about integrated media strategy.   College football is here, so let’s talk about the big game. Not USC versus Alabama. We mean the playoff games!   A now three-year tradition, the college football playoffs bring sports lovers from across the nation together. By sports lovers, we mean viewers. The success of the playoffs from a marketing perspective speaks to the power of tying your advertising into a major event or theme – and then choosing a….

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Creating Buyer Personas for Your Business

Once you have developed your digital and traditional marketing strategy, the next step to improving your brand is taking a look at your business’ buyer persona(s).   What Is a Business’s Buyer Persona? A buyer persona for your business is a fictional representation of your customer. Used in all aspects of your company, from marketing to sales, a persona is meant to personify an ideal customer to relate to current customers as a human not the general public. This sets the tone for all content creation, sales tactics, and product development.   How Do You Create a Buyer Persona? Depending….

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How to Make the Most of Branded Content

Branded Content To ensure an effective content marketing strategy, you must engage with your target audience and gain their trust, then stay out of the way. That is why brands today create branded content – content that can stand on its own as far as being entertaining and engaging, but is accompanied by the company’s brand that sponsors it. Branded content is one of the best ways to build brand associations and trust.   Gain Consumer Trust Beyond engaging your audience, you must gain their trust. Gaining trust will take time, but the end goal is brand loyalty, which is….

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Sharing Video Trends

Top Shared Video Ads of 2015

2015 was a good year for ads, especially video ads. Video advertising is a powerful tool that many brands took advantage of in the past year, as evidenced by the many video ads that were a hit. In total, the top 20 video advertising clips of 2015 were shared more than 40 million times! Thanks to millennials, videos are being shared right and left. See what makes a video ad make you want to watch it again and again with TotalCom Communications.   Animals Always Win   Who can pass on a video with a cute animal in it? Commercials….

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Marketing to Millennials

Marketing to Millennials

One of the latest advertising trends is to target Millennials. However, Millennials can be a pretty all-encompassing term. Do we need to get more specific? Perhaps we should focus on segmenting the market even further. Research has shown that targeting young consumers based on hobbies, preferences, and interests leads to higher ROI.   Approaching Millennials with a message that is age-blind and focuses instead on a particular message with inherent value is a smarter way to advertise.Young consumers are looking to experience your product or service, not simply use it. Take advantage of this desire. Find a creative traditional or….

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advertising budget

Budget Next Years Advertising Based on This Year’s Trends

Marketing today has ever-changing trends that may seem hard to stay on top of.  TotalCom of Tuscaloosa and Huntsville can help you stay ahead of the trends, offering these tips to help you determine how to segment your advertising budget.   Digital Advertising vs. TV Advertising   True to popular belief, digital advertising is rising in popularity. As the new year approaches, the speed with which digital advertising is beating out other more traditional advertising channels continues to increase. Is TV advertising still relevant? Newspaper? Outdoor? The answer is definitely yes. However the two should go hand in hand. As….

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Email Marketing

Holiday Madness In Your Inbox

Christmas sales, Hanukkah messages, and holiday specials. Do you get thousands of holiday themed newsletters and emails from businesses in your inbox this time of year? We all do.   Email marketing steadily remains a successful marketing tactic throughout the year. So, making use of this method is certainly advantageous. Data from recent studies shows that customer click-through rate is high, especially during the holiday season, even though the number of emails sent during this season is significantly higher than during the rest of the year.   So, how do you make your business’ email marketing efforts stand out from….

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