Title: How to Make the Most of Branded Content

Branded Content To ensure an effective content marketing strategy, you must engage with your target audience and gain their trust,….

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Sharing Video Trends

Title: Top Shared Video Ads of 2015

2015 was a good year for ads, especially video ads. Video advertising is a powerful tool that many brands took….

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Marketing to Millennials

Title: Marketing to Millennials

One of the latest advertising trends is to target Millennials. However, Millennials can be a pretty all-encompassing term. Do we….

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Marketing Budget

Title: Budget Next Years Advertising Based on This Year’s Trends

Marketing today has ever-changing trends that may seem hard to stay on top of.  TotalCom of Tuscaloosa and Huntsville can….

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Email Marketing

Title: Holiday Madness In Your Inbox

Christmas sales, Hanukkah messages, and holiday specials. Do you get thousands of holiday themed newsletters and emails from businesses in….

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Advertising agency Tuscaloosa

Title: 3 Blog Writing Tips Experts Are Using

Creating the type of content that your audience wants to read takes practice and skill. What is to blame for….

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Reputation Management with TotalCom

Title: Monitor Your Brand Online

Everyday, people spend hours on social media, blogs, and online forums talking about their experiences with new products, advertising, and….

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Creative Ad Agencies

Title: Why Advertising Agencies Sometimes Take So Long

Advertising agencies are often asked how long it will take to get this ad “out there”. So understanding lead times….

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Digital marketing

Title: Digital Advertising: What’s the Most Effective?

  If you think digital advertising is dead due to the rise of content marketing, think again. While the benefits….

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SEO Blog TotalCom Tuscaloosa

Title: 5 Tips to Search Engine Optimize Your Blog

  When you Search Engine Optimize your blog it can make a huge difference in the amount of traffic your….

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Email Marketing

Title: 5 Email Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Email marketing is a great way to grow your business since you can reach a large number of people for….

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Creating Powerful Advertising TotalCom

Title: Creating Powerful Ad Campaigns

It can be hard to put into words what makes a powerful ad. However, we all know a powerful ad….

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