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Digital Social Trends

Digital Social Trends for Marketers 2017

It is important to be aware of these digital social trends so you can plan ahead, be prepared and remain competitive in your industry.   Digital Social Trends: Online Reviews When you initially hear of a new restaurant, local retail store or neighborhood coffee shop, your first move is to end the curiosity with an online search. When potential customers search for a business, they will instantly see the star rating and review panel. As a result, If reviews are subpar, negative or non-existent, the chances of those consumers giving you a shot decrease drastically. As a result, online reviews….

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3 Blog Writing Tips Experts Are Using

Creating the type of content that your audience wants to read takes practice and skill. What is to blame for content going unseen? The majority of the time it’s the headline. The headline is the first glimpse of the content your audience see. If it’s not enticing, they won’t click on it. Fortunately there are some techniques you can use to make sure your blog topics and headlines are pulling the type of click through rate you’re aiming for. Below, we have outlined 3 blog writing tips for compelling topics and titles. Blog Writing Tip 1: It’s All In The….

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Content Key to Digital and Traditional Advertising

Content for Digital Advertising – As Well as Traditional – is Key

Content for Digital Advertising and Traditional Advertising is Critical for Marketing Success   There is a common misconception that all you have to do is saturate the market with content as a strategy for digital and traditional advertising. Not only is this inaccurate, but you run the risk of alienating your target audience if you create content that  your target audience finds irrelevant.   This is true for both. Content for digital advertising – as well as traditional – is critical for marketing success.   Here are some suggestions when planning content for digital advertising, that are applicable to  traditional….

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Blogging Tips to Make Content Marketing Easier

  Content marketing and blogging is a leading force in driving traffic to your website – and ultimately – prospects to your business.   Here are 3 blogging tips to help you push content out and pull customers in.   Google (and other search engines) has made it abundantly clear that frequently updating your website with exceptional content can go a long way toward helping your business website appear higher in search results. However, blogging goes far beyond search engine optimization. The overall goal should be to educate and engage with your target audience in order to build trust.  ….

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marketing trends

Marketing Trends for 2015

    Marketing trends are changing at an extremely fast pace. Each and every technological advance has an effect on the way marketing needs to be created and implemented.   Throughout 2015, content marketing will continue to be increasingly relevant and important. Why? Buyers not only want, but feel a need to have trustworthy relationships with the companies they are giving their business to.   In recent years, quality content marketing has proved to be one of the strongest factors in multiplying your website traffic, and therefore, driving more sales. This will only continue to prove true for 2015, making….

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