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Digital Social Trends

Digital Social Trends for Marketers 2017

It is important to be aware of these digital social trends so you can plan ahead, be prepared and remain competitive in your industry.   Digital Social Trends: Online Reviews When you initially hear of a new restaurant, local retail store or neighborhood coffee shop, your first move is to end the curiosity with an online search. When potential customers search for a business, they will instantly see the star rating and review panel. As a result, If reviews are subpar, negative or non-existent, the chances of those consumers giving you a shot decrease drastically. As a result, online reviews….

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Facebook advertising

Facebook Advertising: More Than Likes

Facebook is a popular platform that many businesses have found help drive serious traffic to their sites. However, there is much more to Facebook beyond pages, posts, and likes. Facebook also offers display advertising.   You too can take advantage of the benefits of Facebook to dramatically increase your reach through social media ads.   How to Approach Facebook Advertising The best way to approach Facebook advertising is with a focused marketing strategy.  Who do you want to reach? How often do you want your ads to be seen? How much are you willing to budget for digital advertising?  ….

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Sharing Video Trends

Top Shared Video Ads of 2015

2015 was a good year for ads, especially video ads. Video advertising is a powerful tool that many brands took advantage of in the past year, as evidenced by the many video ads that were a hit. In total, the top 20 video advertising clips of 2015 were shared more than 40 million times! Thanks to millennials, videos are being shared right and left. See what makes a video ad make you want to watch it again and again with TotalCom Communications.   Animals Always Win   Who can pass on a video with a cute animal in it? Commercials….

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advertising budget

Budget Next Years Advertising Based on This Year’s Trends

Marketing today has ever-changing trends that may seem hard to stay on top of.  TotalCom of Tuscaloosa and Huntsville can help you stay ahead of the trends, offering these tips to help you determine how to segment your advertising budget.   Digital Advertising vs. TV Advertising   True to popular belief, digital advertising is rising in popularity. As the new year approaches, the speed with which digital advertising is beating out other more traditional advertising channels continues to increase. Is TV advertising still relevant? Newspaper? Outdoor? The answer is definitely yes. However the two should go hand in hand. As….

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Creative Ad Agencies

Why Advertising Agencies Sometimes Take So Long

Advertising agencies are often asked how long it will take to get this ad “out there”. So understanding lead times is important.   Lead time refers to the length of time between initiation and completion of a project. In advertising, this matters because creating an ad for print, TV, radio, or digital involves days, weeks or even months of preparation.   Here’s more on advertising agencies and lead times.   Lead Time in Advertising   In advertising, lead time often varies significantly from medium to medium.   With newer forms of marketing – digital, social media, etc. – lead times….

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Online Marketing Agency TotalCom

3 Online Marketing Tactics to Grow Your Business

It is becoming abundantly clear that online marketing is necessary for business survival. The digital marketplace is no longer a pond where only big companies can swim. Small and medium size businesses now have the means to execute strong online marketing strategies right along side their bigger competitors.   With this level playing field in place, it is important to recognize which online marketing strategies will work best for you.   Get Mobile In a day and age where 91% of adults have their cell phones within arm’s reach at all times, companies stand a significant chance of being seen….

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facebook post visibility decline

Tips to Increase Your Company’s Facebook Post Reach

Are your company’s Facebook posts being seen by fewer and fewer users?   There is definitely a decline in organic Facebook post reach.   The reason for the decline in Facebook post reach, according to Facebook is increasing competition. More brands have Pages and are putting out more information. Facebook claims they want to make sure users’ experiences are good ones, so they are showing content to users in their News Feed that Facebook deems is most relevant to them (based on prior activity on Facebook).   Some think it is because Facebook wants Pages to buy (more) ads.  ….

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social media marketing

Using Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Are you using social media marketing to grow your business? If not, it is definitely time to start. Over the last few years, the number of consumers who utilize social media to learn more about a brand before making a purchasing decision has continued to climb.

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