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Superbowl advertising

Super Bowl Ads: Keeping the Tradition in Traditional Marketing

CBS, one of the largest broadcasting services in America, gains millions of dollars in revenue from one event every year: the Super Bowl. Because of this, the cost of advertising on traditional marketing channels increases annually. Traditional marketing channels like television manage to stay lucrative with the help of live sports game which drive hundreds of millions of viewers to cable. This year 30-second advertising spots during the NFL championship game sold for over $4.5 million – an astounding sum! It was inevitable that prices spiked again for Super Bowl LI which took place at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas…..

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television ads can increase website traffic

Television Ads Can Increase Website Traffic

Television ads can increase website traffic, prospects and sales. Combine Digital and Traditional Media for More Marketing Success As consumer, we will sit in our dens, watch our favorite telvision show, with a laptop, ipad or smartphone in our laps. When we see something we want to know more about – an actor, a product or service, it is so convenient to use this opportunity to find out more. As a marketer, to optimize success, consider a strategy including a combination of both digital and traditional media. Television Ads Are Still Relevant Even though digital advertising is the way of….

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television advertising

New Trend? TV Stations to Reduce Advertising Inventory

If you’re like most people, the last thing you do every night is lie around on the couch and watch television. Millions of people at any given time are watching television. For this reason, television advertising through traditional marketing channels  can be expensive. Even Less Opportunity? What if the amount of ad times available was even less? If there were even fewer TV commercials – could networks charge more? The value suddenly increases the more rare it is, does it not? In recent years, the company Viacom, which owns channels like Comedy Central and MTV, has seen significantly lower ratings. Expert….

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integrated media super bowl

Game Time: Develop an Integrated Media Strategy to Help You Score

  At TotalCom we know that a traditional marketing strategy can be both relevant and effective, especially during college football season. Learn more today about integrated media strategy.   College football is here, so let’s talk about the big game. Not USC versus Alabama. We mean the playoff games!   A now three-year tradition, the college football playoffs bring sports lovers from across the nation together. By sports lovers, we mean viewers. The success of the playoffs from a marketing perspective speaks to the power of tying your advertising into a major event or theme – and then choosing a….

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advertising budget

Budget Next Years Advertising Based on This Year’s Trends

Marketing today has ever-changing trends that may seem hard to stay on top of.  TotalCom of Tuscaloosa and Huntsville can help you stay ahead of the trends, offering these tips to help you determine how to segment your advertising budget.   Digital Advertising vs. TV Advertising   True to popular belief, digital advertising is rising in popularity. As the new year approaches, the speed with which digital advertising is beating out other more traditional advertising channels continues to increase. Is TV advertising still relevant? Newspaper? Outdoor? The answer is definitely yes. However the two should go hand in hand. As….

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Creative Ad Agencies

Why Advertising Agencies Sometimes Take So Long

Advertising agencies are often asked how long it will take to get this ad “out there”. So understanding lead times is important.   Lead time refers to the length of time between initiation and completion of a project. In advertising, this matters because creating an ad for print, TV, radio, or digital involves days, weeks or even months of preparation.   Here’s more on advertising agencies and lead times.   Lead Time in Advertising   In advertising, lead time often varies significantly from medium to medium.   With newer forms of marketing – digital, social media, etc. – lead times….

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Creating Powerful Advertising TotalCom

Creating Powerful Ad Campaigns

It can be hard to put into words what makes a powerful ad. However, we all know a powerful ad when we see one. What is it that sets these ads apart from the crowd? Although every ad campaign is different, there are some factors that are key to most powerful ad campaigns.   #1: Use Metrics But Be Creative Metrics have revolutionized advertising. Being able to analyze the effectiveness of an ad can help us modify our campaigns to be more effective. We now even have predictive analytics that use past data to determine how our target demographic will….

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Content Key to Digital and Traditional Advertising

Content for Digital Advertising – As Well as Traditional – is Key

Content for Digital Advertising and Traditional Advertising is Critical for Marketing Success   There is a common misconception that all you have to do is saturate the market with content as a strategy for digital and traditional advertising. Not only is this inaccurate, but you run the risk of alienating your target audience if you create content that  your target audience finds irrelevant.   This is true for both. Content for digital advertising – as well as traditional – is critical for marketing success.   Here are some suggestions when planning content for digital advertising, that are applicable to  traditional….

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Traditional Advertising TotalCom

Traditional Advertising is Here to Stay

Digital marketing has been all the rage recently, but what about traditional advertising? Are TV commercials, radio spots, and magazine ads still offering substantial return on investment (ROI)? The answer is a resounding yes.   There is no doubt that you need to implement a digital marketing strategy for your business, but don’t neglect the traditional advertising that is tried and true!   People Trust Traditional Advertising According to a recent Nielsen survey, newspaper ads are still the most trusted form of paid media in North America. In fact, over half of those who participated in the survey said they….

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