Content for Digital Advertising – As Well as Traditional – is Key

Content Key to Digital and Traditional Advertising

Content for Digital Advertising and Traditional Advertising is Critical for Marketing Success


There is a common misconception that all you have to do is saturate the market with content as a strategy for digital and traditional advertising. Not only is this inaccurate, but you run the risk of alienating your target audience if you create content that  your target audience finds irrelevant.


This is true for both. Content for digital advertising – as well as traditional – is critical for marketing success.


Here are some suggestions when planning content for digital advertising, that are applicable to  traditional advertising efforts as well.


Quality Content Only


Long gone are the days when you could shamelessly plug your business and call it advertising. Simply posting your company’s name in big, bold letters on a billboard isn’t interesting to today’s consumer. Just as ineffective, a blog on a topic your audience is not in search of.


Instead, people want information that is relevant to them, that speaks to them, is important to them. Content for digital advertising and traditional advertising should help solve a consumer’s  problem or fill a need.


Know Your Audience


What information are they looking for? What do you offer that could benefit them? How does your business differ from the competition?


Good content marketing is always driven by the consumer’s needs – not by our needs as marketers.


Keep It Simple


Fortunately, content for digital advertising and traditional too – doesn’t have to be complicated. Make sure all the content you generate is easy to understand.


Avoid industry jargon speak (unless you are doing B2B).

Don’t overwhelm your audience. Limit message to a couple of points.


Educate Your Audience to Build Trust


Content marketing is a great way to build trust with your audience. When you share a blog with potential consumers educating them about your area of expertise, you are setting yourself up as the expert in your field.


Same If you run an infographic ad with important statistics – you are showing consumers that you know the facts.


Quality content is the best way for your business to showcase that you know what you are doing and that you can be trusted.



Include a Clear Call-to-Action


The goal of any content is to persuade the consumer to act.


There is no point in having someone hear your ad on the radio or read your article on the web if that is the end of your engagement with them. This is why all of your content for digital advertising (and traditional) should include a clear call-to-action.


Examples of a good call to action:

Call today for a free quote.

Visit our website to learn more.

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Make Content for Digital Advertising Search Friendly


The greatest blog in the world isn’t the one that is the most beautifully written, it’s the one that people actually read and share!


To have your online content easily found in search engine results, do some keyword research to determine the terms people are searching for and then write your content based around these terms.


A little research can go a long way in helping your business’s online visibility.


Ready to Try Content Marketing for Your Business?


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Let us work with your company to create engaging content for digital advertising and traditional platforms alike.