Game Time: Develop an Integrated Media Strategy to Help You Score


At TotalCom we know that a traditional marketing strategy can be both relevant and effective, especially during college football season. Learn more today about integrated media strategy.


College football is here, so let’s talk about the big game. Not USC versus Alabama. We mean the playoff games!


A now three-year tradition, the college football playoffs bring sports lovers from across the nation together. By sports lovers, we mean viewers. The success of the playoffs from a marketing perspective speaks to the power of tying your advertising into a major event or theme – and then choosing a unique angle and running with it.


How College Football Changes the Game

The last two seasons, the playoff games attracted the one of the largest viewer population in the history of cable. Therefore, for marketers, this game is an incredible opportunity at quality commercial time. Creativity and integration of various media forms is essential to developing a marketing strategy around college football.


For example Dr. Pepper, the national championship trophy sponsor, used a concessions salesman character to promote their brand. The theme was related to football and Dr. Pepper, but not linked to any team in particular.


Likewise, other companies hoping to get involved with college football advertising need to set a budget, create a powerful ad campaign, and develop an overall marketing strategy. The best way to be successful is to engage your consumers through shareable content. Increase the “share factor” of your content by making it relevant and popular. Word of mouth, likes, and shares on social media multiply your advertising efforts.


Integration of Marketing Media

A combined digital marketing and traditional marketing  strategy will lead you to success. Radio and television advertising during college football season are highly sought after. The bidding for even 15-30 second spots is competitive.. However, alone this type of media is no longer as effective.


Creating your digital marketing strategy involves brand consistency across all media. For example, Progressive Insurance created Flo, a character representing an insurance sales representative. Flo was present in all of their television commercials, acted as the company’s voice on Twitter, and posted content on Facebook on behalf of the insurance company. This created a sense of engagement for television viewers that can then be seamlessly shifted over to social media.


Similarly, companies hoping to get involved with college football advertising may find it most beneficial to adopt a new perspective and truly get creative. Once you have found your angle, your niche, you can organize your budget to include television time during the big game – in this case, premier college football games, including the college football championship playoff.


Score for Your Company Today!

We understand digital media is the way of the future, but we also know from experience that traditional marketing strategies are still relevant and effective. Learn more about creating your marketing strategy today.
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