Digital Advertising: What’s the Most Effective?


If you think digital advertising is dead due to the rise of content marketing, think again. While the benefits of effective content marketing are undeniable, all the content in the world isn’t going to do you any good if no one sees it. That’s where digital advertising comes into play!


Digital  advertising comes in a variety of forms; therefore, what’s best for your company depends on your industry, audience and objectives.


For example, some businesses do well with Facebook paid advertising. Others get great results with Google pay-per-click.


Let’s take a look at the most common forms of digital advertising to help you determine which ones are best for your specific company and your business goals.


Google Adwords


Google Adwords, also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), is a great choice for most businesses. It’s not as expensive as some of the other forms of digital advertising and you can set a max daily budget.


Your ad will show in Google search results and you pay only if your advertisement actually gets clicked.


The price of the click is determined by a few factors, including how high you are trying to rank in the search results and how many other people are bidding for your particular keyword.


Because PPC has a fairly predictable ROI, you can feel confident launching your campaign. Also, you can track conversions through PPC advertising, giving you a clear sense of how your campaign is doing and allowing you to make any necessary changes.


Banner Ads


The success rate of banner ads has been dropping recently, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still use them effectively. It just means you need a good strategy!


Banner ads are great for branding. They should be designed to build company recognition, which in the long run builds company trust. Therefore, these ads work best when highly focused on a target demographic.


If you want your banner ad to stand out, get creative! Think outside of the box and create an ad that will capture a user’s attention in an already busy Internet space. If you have a great creative team and a very specific audience, banner ads can be useful in your advertising.


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Social Media Paid Advertising


Social media is hot and will continue to be throughout the foreseeable future. Almost everyone is on at least one social media platform, with most people being on several. The biggest in terms of advertising is Facebook.


Facebook ads are fairly similar to PPC ads. You can bid for clicks or impressions and you can target based on a variety of things including demographics, geographical location, and interests.


An impression is when someone sees your ad. If it shows up in a person’s newsfeed, that is an impression.


You can purchase ads that show up on the right side bar or ads that are inserted into the actual newsfeed itself. The newsfeed ads tend to outperform the side bar ads; however, both are highly effective.


The companies most likely to benefit from Facebook ads are those whose target audience is between the ages of 18 and 50 (aka just about everyone). This platform tends to work best for business-to-consumer organizations.


Interstitial Ads


Interstitial ads may be the new kid on the block, but chances are you’ve  seen them.


These ads show up as promotional pages that you hit while on your way to another site. The upside is that you know for a fact people will see your ad. The downside is that people tend to get annoyed when they are trying to go to another page and an ad pops up.! Also, most pop-up blocker software  will prevent your ads from being seen.


Where interstitial ads really shine is mobile. If you have a strong mobile presence then this may be a great option for you. Ads with graphics or videos see the most success.


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