Facebook Advertising: More Than Likes

Facebook is a popular platform that many businesses have found help drive serious traffic to their sites. However, there is much more to Facebook beyond pages, posts, and likes. Facebook also offers display advertising.


You too can take advantage of the benefits of Facebook to dramatically increase your reach through social media ads.


How to Approach Facebook Advertising

The best way to approach Facebook advertising is with a focused marketing strategy.  Who do you want to reach? How often do you want your ads to be seen? How much are you willing to budget for digital advertising?


Otherwise, consider Facebook as a natural extension of your ad campaign. You’ll have to make it more socially acceptable and sharable, naturally, to fit with the platform.


Hit the Bull’s-eye With Target Marketing
Facebook offers detailed market segmentation options. So, you can target your ads specifically to the consumers you want to reach. You can build custom audiences based on age, geographic regions, gender, and even personal preferences and interests.


From there, you can implement a retargeting strategy after analyzing the data Facebook provides and evaluating which target segments work. Depending on how much money you would like to invest, you can see significant results over time.
How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost?
Facebook advertising costs exactly how much you would like to spend. You never have to spend more than you have budgeted. The real question is how far will that budget get you?

It’s not a question of how much Facebook costs, but how far your money will go. Testing your ad campaigns is important. Don’t bet all your money on one ad, assuming it will work. Instead invest a little in several campaigns to see which one or two are most successful. Then ditch the unsuccessful ads and pour the remainder of your budget into the ones that work.

In general, rates are much lower for Facebook ads than they are for traditional broadcast and print ad campaigns.

Get That Extra Boost
To make a greater impact with your Facebook ads consider boosting. Facebook offers boostable ads. You can boost almost any post, picture, video, or status update. As long as the imagery contains less than 20 percent text (Facebook’s rules), you can boost your post, pushing it higher up in consumers’ news feeds. This in turn results in more users seeing the ad.

Depending on how many people you are trying to reach, the cost to boost an ad will vary. You can choose your budget, and Facebook will provide you with an estimated people reached amount to give you an idea of the impact you will make with that ad.

Develop Your Digital Advertising Campaign Today

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