Gmail Sponsored Promotions: Email Inbox Advertising


What is GSP? Gmail Sponsored Promotions is an advertising tool by Google. Through GSP, your business can target specific users based on activity tracked through their Gmail accounts.

Google anonymously selects users’ Gmail inboxes to crawl, then retrieves keywords from messages in the inboxes. If your company is bidding on a keyword found in a user’s mailbox, your ad is then eligible for GSP and thus being displayed in that user’s inbox.

To take the most advantage of what GSP has to offer, your business can bid on the competition. Suddenly, you are eligible for the same inboxes as your competition!

Selecting complementary target markets and keywords is also smart. For example, if you are representing an event catering company, you may select similar keywords and target markets as those selected for an event catering venue. Those searching for one are most likely looking for the other. For this reason, you have a greater chance at receiving eligibility.

Regular market segmentation of gender, age, and location are also still possible, just like with other forms of digital advertising, although you will have to participate in the Google Display Network in order to access GSP.

Does GSP Deliver?

High click-through rates at a low cost per click prove that GSP has high potential for ROI. Conversions in comparison to normal display ads is measurable. You are charged based on cost per click, with no additional costs for those who convert.

GSP is now open to any advertiser. For those advertisers running campaigns, their content will show up individually in personal Gmail inboxes. These campaigns involve teaser and expanded ads with an image and roughly one sentence of text.

An ad campaign that involves a call to action or that offers a free service like a quote or demo has high potential for online lead generation through Gmail Sponsored Promotions. In this way, GSP is a great way to acquire new customers.

Getting potential customers to click through to a form where they can enter their email address is a great way to add them to your email marketing list. They can also click through directly to a landing page on your website, which you can track for analytical purposes.

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