Super Bowl Ads: Keeping the Tradition in Traditional Marketing

CBS, one of the largest broadcasting services in America, gains millions of dollars in revenue from one event every year: the Super Bowl. Because of this, the cost of advertising on traditional marketing channels increases annually.

Traditional marketing channels like television manage to stay lucrative with the help of live sports game which drive hundreds of millions of viewers to cable. This year 30-second advertising spots during the NFL championship game sold for over $4.5 million – an astounding sum!

It was inevitable that prices spiked again for Super Bowl LI which took place at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. The price of these surprisingly short spots jumped to $5 million each!

Research suggests two ads of similar products advertising during the same game do not tend to yield results. However, there are certain products that do exceptionally better than others advertising during the Super Bowl. Of those products, the best sellers are usually beverages like soda and beer.  The return on investment for companies like Budweiser, who holds exclusive rights to beer commercials during the Super Bowl, is over 100%.

Creating a Moving Ad Fit for a Super Bowl

If you’re paying $5 million on 30 seconds on advertising, you certainly want to make sure it is worth it. So, what makes for an effective Super Bowl ad? Three things have proven to work in the past.

  1. Tugging Heartstrings. For this one game a year, the audience is not just hardcore football fans. It’s men, women, and children of all ages. Everybody. And what does everybody love? A good story. You want people to remember your ad and talk about it/share it on social media with their friends after the game. An (expensive) thirty second short that tells a story will work. Emotion, humor, and surprise endings keep viewers wanting more.
  2. Celebrity Appearances. Many successful Super Bowl commercials have been star-studded. It is known that celebrities will get people talking. The buzz around celebrities can be contagious and therefore beneficial to your brand. Remember, though, to keep the message of your ad consistent with your brand message. Often, advertisers fail to see that a popular, entertaining ad does not always correlate to a well delivered brand message. You want to get people talking about not only your content, but about your brand. You want brand recollection.
  3. Digital revenue from the ads being displayed online also comes into play. Like with any type of marketing, engagement allows for your consumers to connect to your brand on an entirely new level, making way for brand recognition and brand loyalty. Including creative hashtags and contests in commercials can help direct viewers to your social media platforms.

Though traditional marketing channels seem out of style, in the past couple years alone, over 40% of American households have tuned in to the big game. For this reason, it is important to consider all your options when marketing for your business.

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